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Packing for a year away from home is so much more nerve-wracking than packing for a  short trip away. This week, I’m going to list some of the packing lists I’ve made for my year in Europe.

I’m organisationally challenged and suffer from a terminal case of procrastination, so this time I’m attempting to start a little earlier and complete packing in a systematic order. After all, preparing for a trip away is half the fun!

For today, I want to share some luggage basics.

1) The large suitcase

Large Suitcase

This is where you would put in the bulk of your items – clothes, toiletries, books, shoes, etc.

2) Cabin-sized suitcase

A cabin-size suitcase is extremely useful to have around. In this bag, one should bring: a change of clothes, electronics (laptops, tablets). A perfect size for any short trips that may be made on the year abroad! I’m currently lusting after this one from Globetrotters.

3) Personal bag

A personal bag is for the items that one will need at all time on any travel. Passports, wallets, cameras, prescription pills, eyeglasses and other necessities should all go into this bag which will be carried at all times.

A backpack would serve as a good personal bag too. However, I lean more towards totes, and Longchamps’ Le Pliage line is light and durable, making it perfect for travelling!