For anyone who loves travelling (and shopping), buying a souvenir can often be a painstaking task. Personally, I love receiving souvenirs. However, it can be really difficult to find souvenirs that others would cherish.

For instance, as much as I am thankful that a good friend of mine remembered me on his trip to Australia, this “made-in-China” Australian kangaroo soft toy has been sitting in a drawer for years.

I also find it difficult to appreciate these magnet souvenirs

Some suggestions that I have for finding nice souvenirs that are actually representative of the country.

  • Handcrafted items
  • Pieces made by local artists
  • Functional items

I absolutely love this wooden hand-carved box that a senior bought for me from the Czech Republic. While not immediately representative of the country, an item that is lovely to behold and functional is always appreciated!

The quintessential Russian souvenir, I picked this hand-painted lacquer box for my mother from the Izmaylovo market in Moscow. Shopping for this in the sprawling arts & craft  market filled with beautiful souvenirs of all kinds was a treat on its own!

One of my favourite souvenirs from a trip to China was this hand-painted card which I had framed. The panda is adorable and I love Chinese watercolours.


I know, Matryoshka dolls are terribly cliche but they were irresistable! I was spoilt for choice in Moscow with these dolls coming in all shapes, sizes colours and price ranges, but I finally settled on this set, which was really affordable at $4! These hand-painted dolls are great decorative items. I even purchased an identical set for my boyfriend.

These were some of my tips for getting a memorable souvenir, does anyone have a great souvenir to share about?