Marche aux Puces, Paris, image from chezbetrand.com

I love walking along flea markets. There’s always the feeling that you just might find an oddity, a treasure, a diamond in the rough. I usually leave empty handed, just looking at the wares is a joy in itself. However, every once in awhile, it’s great to leave with something special.

While I rarely grab clothes from flea markets, I love browsing for bags because one can often find vintage bags which have a timeless quality about them.

Red vintage hobo

I scored this red vintage handbag from a flea market in Paris a couple of years ago. I love structured bags and this bag was really well made, durable and extremely versatile.

Tan shoulder bag

Strictly speaking, this was not a flea market find. I got it at the second hand store near my neighbourhood for $6 and this is probably one of my best finds ever. This bag was made in Rome and the quality of the leather is impeccable. This bag is perfect for city vacations and stores all my necessities for a day trip.

Do you guys like flea markets? Have you picked up any great second hand items that you would love to share about?