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While I was beginning to write my resolutions for the new year in January, I became aware of how much clutter I have in my room. This year, I’ve been trying to work at clearing away things, a little bit at a time and so far, but it has been going really slowly.

Yesterday, I began working on clearing my bookshelf and was amazed at how I’ve managed to amass such a large collection of books. My bookshelves are often triple-stacked, so this project is going to take me awhile. To spur myself on, I’ve completely cleared out one shelf and I just love how clean it looked!

The lovely, clean, white bookshelf

I’ve been really inspired by becoming minimalist which has great tips about how to declutter and to lead a simpler, more fulfilling life. While I doubt I will ever become truly minimalist, I like the concept of learning to live with less possessions.

In the meanwhile, this is the reality I return to. I’ve removed two boxes of books already, but I still have 200 or so to clear I estimate. Oh well, one step at a time.

My de-clutter project of the week