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Although I have been in charge of my personal finances since I was eighteen, it wasn’t until I started living on my own last year that I realised how poorly I fared when it came to keeping up my personal finances.

After paying for my necessities (mainly rent and transport), I really did not have a fixed budget for anything else, such as groceries, going out eating and clothing expenses. I realised money was trickling out of my purse pretty fast and when I checked my bank statement at the end of the month, I usually couldn’t remember a quarter of the expenses I had occurred.

This past month, I have resolved to be more disciplined and to keep up with my personal finances, something I imagine I will really appreciate when I finally have a full time job and “grown-up” expenses.

This template which I found on Google drive was free and extremely helpful. The tricky part now will be to have the discipline to log in my expenses faithfully!Image