From the ages of six to twenty, I kept a journal in which I faithfully recorded daily events and musings.

I’ve fallen out of the habit the past few years, but I still like to keep a physical journal when I have the urge to express myself on paper.

I purchased a small, black Moleskine notebook last year for this purpose. As a testimony to how inconsistently I’ve been writing the notebook is less than half full!

What I love about black notebooks is their simplicity and elegance. I really like this notebook, and the keepsake pocket at the back is a huge bonus!

Scribbles in pencil

Do any of you still keep physical journals? What kind of notebooks do you like best?


For Audrey


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Out of all the polishes I’ve recently purchased, I was most excited to try China Glaze’s ” For Audrey”. It was so well loved on all the reviews that I’ve read, I just had to satisfy my curiousity and see if the polish was really worth all that hype.

My greatest worry was that the colour wouldn’t complement my skin tone, but I’m pleasantly surprised by how much I like it. “For Audrey” is a beautiful blue green shade. It’s so pretty, I spent so much time today just staring at my nails! The actual shade has somewhat more green in it than the screen portrays.

I think “For Audrey” is a unique and stunning shade. It would be a great addition to any nail polish collection.



For anyone who loves travelling (and shopping), buying a souvenir can often be a painstaking task. Personally, I love receiving souvenirs. However, it can be really difficult to find souvenirs that others would cherish.

For instance, as much as I am thankful that a good friend of mine remembered me on his trip to Australia, this “made-in-China” Australian kangaroo soft toy has been sitting in a drawer for years.

I also find it difficult to appreciate these magnet souvenirs

Some suggestions that I have for finding nice souvenirs that are actually representative of the country.

  • Handcrafted items
  • Pieces made by local artists
  • Functional items

I absolutely love this wooden hand-carved box that a senior bought for me from the Czech Republic. While not immediately representative of the country, an item that is lovely to behold and functional is always appreciated!

The quintessential Russian souvenir, I picked this hand-painted lacquer box for my mother from the Izmaylovo market in Moscow. Shopping for this in the sprawling arts & craft  market filled with beautiful souvenirs of all kinds was a treat on its own!

One of my favourite souvenirs from a trip to China was this hand-painted card which I had framed. The panda is adorable and I love Chinese watercolours.


I know, Matryoshka dolls are terribly cliche but they were irresistable! I was spoilt for choice in Moscow with these dolls coming in all shapes, sizes colours and price ranges, but I finally settled on this set, which was really affordable at $4! These hand-painted dolls are great decorative items. I even purchased an identical set for my boyfriend.

These were some of my tips for getting a memorable souvenir, does anyone have a great souvenir to share about?

China Glaze Nail Polish


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To further build up my nail polish collection, I recently purchased three bottles of China Glaze nail polish while they were on sale. I’ve never tried China Glaze polishes before, but after reading some glowing reviews, I decided to give them a try!

From left to right:

Strawberry Fields, Pelican Gray, For Audrey

They look gorgeous and I can’t wait to try them! More posts to come on that!


I have had a serious case of Wanderlust since I was in my teens. I always wanted to explore the world, though in recent years, I have been more focused on concentrating my wanderings in Asia and Europe.


My boyfriend recently gifted me this map of Europe for me to dream about the places where I would like to go while I’m in Vienna. Though I’ve been to the continent several times, there are still a tonne of places where I’ve yet to visit though one place stands out more than others.

Santorini, Greece

Ever since a friend I met on exchange told me how beautiful the Greek islands were, I’ve really wanted to visit Greece! The colour scheme of blue and white looks so tranquil!

Does anyone have tips about an island vacation to Greece?

Nude Pumps


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Nude pumps have been the alternative to the staple black pumps for quite a while now, and I have been looking out for a pair ever since I’ve seen how lovely they looked on Kate Middleton.

Recently for my graduation, I chanced upon this pair of heels which were a steal at $79! Crafted in Italy and in full leather, these heels are extremely comfortable and versatile. I loved the fact that the heels are only 4cm, extremely practical for ladies on-the-go. I’m already looking forward to wearing them again!


Graduation ceremonies, to me, feel like bittersweet goodbyes wrapped up in a happy occasion of frenzied photo-taking sessions, getting dressed up and catching up with everyone’s vacations.

I wonder how our lives will be in ten years, and I wonder how important we will be to one another then.

As I say goodbye to a part of my life which I dearly cherish, I continue to hold great hopes for the days that are ahead.


Packing for a Year Abroad: Apparel

Personally, I always start my packing lists with which clothes I plan to bring with me. For a year abroad, it is important to be prepared for all sorts of weather conditions and to also bring a variety of clothes for different events and activities.

Some essentials:



Call me conservative, but I always find black coats clean, simple and flattering. I especially love coats which helps to define the wearer’s waist.

A blazer helps to polish up any outfit. Throw it over a simple top and jeans and you are ready to go!


Introduction to Packing for a Year Abroad


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Packing for a year away from home is so much more nerve-wracking than packing for a ¬†short trip away. This week, I’m going to list some of the packing lists I’ve made for my year in Europe.

I’m organisationally challenged and suffer from a terminal case of procrastination, so this time I’m attempting to start a little earlier and complete packing in a systematic order. After all, preparing for a trip away is half the fun!

For today, I want to share some luggage basics.

1) The large suitcase

Large Suitcase

This is where you would put in the bulk of your items – clothes, toiletries, books, shoes, etc.

2) Cabin-sized suitcase

A cabin-size suitcase is extremely useful to have around. In this bag, one should bring: a change of clothes, electronics (laptops, tablets). A perfect size for any short trips that may be made on the year abroad! I’m currently lusting after this one from Globetrotters.

3) Personal bag

A personal bag is for the items that one will need at all time on any travel. Passports, wallets, cameras, prescription pills, eyeglasses and other necessities should all go into this bag which will be carried at all times.

A backpack would serve as a good personal bag too. However, I lean more towards totes, and Longchamps’ Le Pliage line is light and durable, making it perfect for travelling!

Looking Polished


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Ever since I got my very first manicure last December, I’ve had a little bit of a nail polish obsession. I’ve experimented with pinks, purples, browns, bright reds and blues.

One shade that I’ve been eager to try is nude polish. I don’t have any yet but I’m trying to find a shade that will work for me.

The perfect shade of nude

Thus far, I find this shade of nude that Ha Jiwon sports in The King 2 Hearts absolutely beautiful. I can’t quite figure out where and how I can get that lovely splash of nude, but I will keep looking for it.

Any recommendations would be appreciated!